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Drop Off/Pick Up: Students will be dropped off at the east most entrance of the Emerson campus. Parents will park in the parking lot located to the right of the conference center and walk students to the entrance where they will sign in each day. Signs will be located outside of the entrance on Route 28 to direct you to our location. Students must be signed out at the end of the day and picked up in the same manner as the morning dropoff. If the is a different person picking up your child at the end off the day, there must be a signed written permission indicating that.

Materials: Every student must come prepared with the following: Instrument, Folding Music Stand, Pencil(s), Music, Water Bottle, and BAG LUNCH.

Medications: Any and all medications must be dropped off at sign in with specific written instructions on their use. The Boyerstock staff must be made aware of medical restrictions, and/or allergies at camp registration. Camp Registration will be at 8:45 on Monday, July 16th on the first day of camp.

Grounds Usage: The Boyerstock music students and staff are guests of the Emerson Resort and Spa. Any misuse of the premises or facilities can and will result in immidiate, nonrefundable dismissal from the the program.

Final Performance: The final performance will take place at the Emerson resort at 5:30PM on Friday, July 20th. This will be accompanied with pot luck dinner following the performance.

Please arrive to the campus on time to maximize our rehearsal time. The Boyerstock staff looks forward to this year's camp!

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